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December 29, 2010

What is your mood today???

Mine is....  Sad and happy, that is NORMAL.
Colour code for Sad and Happy aka NORMAL is  brown....
Create your own colour codes for ur mood...

December 16, 2010

December 02, 2010

Jokes for u!!! (better read them quickly or u'll be ROLLING ON THE FLOOR WITH LAUGHTER!!!!

Okay,... *giggle*
1. What goes HEE HEE HEE and likes bananas?
ans: An early human! ( I made this one on my own)

2. a riddle...   There are five doors and the last door has treasure but is locked with many devices. The only way to get it is to pass through all the five doors and the other one way is the answer of this question.. The first one is so hot that you will get burnt if you go in....
the second door contains dogs that a vicious and will tear you into many pieces. the third door has sand in which you will sink (Its called quicksand). the fourth door has witches and they will zap you and probably turn you into a green, slimy, slippery, horrid frog. How do you get inside?

ans: By eating HOT. DOG. SAND .WICHES ( u dont have to say FULL STOP after each word.. I put it so that u can understand...)

3. There is a boy ... His mother tells him to say YES for the WHOLE day.
He replies "Okay... " . He meets a girl on his way who has lots of chocolates with her...
She says... "Do you want some chocolate??????" he says YES and gets some chocolates. He meets a man who sells toys... "Do you want a toy car to play with?" He says YES! and thats what he gets. He meets a boxer and the boxer asks him " Can I punch you??" He says YES even though he did not want a punch. The boxer punches him and his one eye becomes blue.The next day his mom says " say NO for the WHOLE day" And he goes out. He meets the same girl but says no when she asks him if he wants some chocolate. He sys not to the Shopkeeper of the toy shop and no to the boxer. His mother asks him to say CONGRATULATIONS for the WHOLE day. The girl says.. "My candy got over! I'm sorry!" he says "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!" (I think he is very foolish.. The boy and his mom is too...) Then the shopkeeper of the toy shop says... "We are very sorry but a burglar broke into our store and robbed each and every thing here..." The boy says "CONGRATULATIONS!" Then he meets the boxer who was crying. The boxer says " My mother died! I'm so lonely!!!!" The boy says 'CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" and gets a very big punch and his other eye becomes black.. :D

November 27, 2010

Fun quizzes is Girls go games! : >)

Okay first one....
1.My daily dream catcher.
2.Outfits what to wear today.
3.Dream princess today.
4. Daily fortune teller.
5.Professor Purse.
(these are the ones I like.)
First go to http://www.girlsgogames.com/
Then.. when you are at the home page you wil see a side bar. click on Fun and then click Quizzes.
Try out diffrent quizzes. Go to the bottom of the page to see the comments other ppl have written about the game/quiz,etc. Sign up to be able to show your trophies to other people, add friends,write comments, have your own profile, etc.


A fun quiz for you all!... ( remember your answers and then check). Don't cheat or it won't be fun!

What does your look say about you????
is your day one long search for a mirror????
Then it's confession time...
You are going to a party.... lets see what all you do....
The Quiz..
*Oh, no! you've slept through your alarm (again) and you'r getting late to go shopping with your mom. But before you go out you take one final look at yourself in the mirror to check that:
a. Your lip gloss is perfectly in place.
b. You don't have any crumbs stuck between your teeth.
c. Your hair is in place
*Your're not very thrilled about what you see. What do you do about it??
a. Dash back to your room to carefully reapply your lip gloss and perfect your hair accesories.
b. Stick your tongue out at your reflection and dash out.
c. Run your fingers through your hair.
*In the car you remove a magazine to catch up all the gossip. You study a picture of Britney Spears.
You Decide that she:
a. Needed a new stylist right NOW.
b. She really is talented
c. She might look better with a more natural look.
*As you arrive at the mall it starts raining. You:
a. You run to the nearest bathroom to check that you are still looking gorgeous.
b. Laugh it off.
c. Quickly pop under an awning.
*At last you are inside! At the makeup counter you:
a. Know exactly EVERYTHING you need and throw it into the basket.
b. Look at a few things but don't buy anything new.
c. Buy a new shade of lip gloss.
*Then you move onto your favorite clothes store. As soon as you walk into the store you:
a. Head straight onto the accessories section. You've already bought the perfect outfit for tonight.
b. Buy whatever your mom says looks the best.
c. Try on everything you like - You want to look good for tonights party.
*As soon as you arrive at the party you head straight to the dance floor. You notice some girls at you. You:
a. Grin in their direction and do more of your best moves for them to admire.
b. Glance behind you to check your skirt isin't tucked in your underwear.
c. Smile and look away.
* You go to the bathroom to wash your hands. You inspect your face in the mirror. You notice that your hair is a little messy. You:
a. Remove your brush and groom it to perfection.
b. You forget about it and run out to meet your friends.
c.Try to fluff it back up and not stress out.
*Its time to leave. When you get home you can't stop yawning. So you:
a. Go to the bathroom to brush your teeth , wash your face and put on moistureizer.
b. Immeadiatly fall into bed and sleep.
c. Brush your teeth and wash your face as always but a little quicker than usual.
1.Mostly a's ....
GLAM GIRL- You're addicted to looking good at all costs. But being hooked on beauty can eat up a whole lot of time and money. Imagine what you could accomplish if you put some of that energy into sports, studies or even having fun. Remember beauty is only skin deep. We know you're soooo much deeper than that.

2. mostly b's.....
Plain Jane- Its great to know that you're low-key about you'r looks. But you should get past that idea that  caring about your looks is shallow. Its not- it just means that you want the outer you to reflect who you are inside. So even if you would rather go low- maintainence, don't be shy to learn a few beauty tricks.  Knowing how to make the best of what you've got is a real confidence booster that can make you feel great.

3. Mostly c's....
Natural Beauty- You are in the just right distance when it comes to beauty. Although a great hairstyle or lip gloss can perk up your weekend, You wouldn't have a major stress out when you are having a bad hair day. You know your identity is about who you are and not what shade of glitter you're wearing.

Links for games, etc....... !! :D!

Okay, here are some game links....
http://www.girlsgogames.com/   or   http://www.ggg.com/
http://www.goanimate.com/   ( animation site)
http://www.cursormania.com/  (for cursors/arrows/pointers)

Ok! thats all of the links I can remember!
And let me tell you.... Freerealms, Migoland, and Girlsgogames.com are the best!!! (for me... I dunno about you)
thank you,
yours sincerely,
Tara Durbha.

November 26, 2010

About Me!

Hello! My name is Tara Durbha. I'm 11 years old and live in INDIA. I just created this site as I wanted my pals and I to be able to have our own website. My favorite colour is purple. The Glitter Girls (short form as TGG) actually are just a club in which we all can have fun. But we also do and will take care about other things too...... like environment and animals etc. This is just for ppl to have fun and.... this is just the beginning of all of this. I'll try to put games too! And other sites for games! so stay tuned for more!